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FT13575-OBD Thermostatic Shower Set

FT13575-OBD Thermostatic Shower Set

Model: FT13575-OBD

Basic Information

  • Type: Thermostatic Shower Set
  • Width between two inlet hole: 150mm
  • Height: 800-1150mm
  • Thread: G1/2"
  • Top shower away from wall: 410mm
  • Top shower: Φ227mm
  • Material: Brass+Zn
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Product Detail

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    FT13575-OBD Thermostatic Shower Set

    Design with shelf for bath items, Practical and thoughtful

    Button-push On&Off

    On&Off by Button-push, Simple and convenient, both the elderly and children can operate easily 

    Functional hand-wheel

    Turn the handwheel lightly, you can switch the top shower/hand shower/faucet, the operation is simple and easy to understand

    Temperature control handwheel, anti-scalding protection

    Set the temperature that suits you according to your usage habits, no need to adjust the temperature every time. When the use temperature is adjusted to 40℃, there is safety protection. You need to press the blocking button to continue heating, to prevent accidental touch and cause burns

    High-quality materials, healthy life

    The granules of the top spray and hand shower are made of liquid silicone, which is flexible and highly elastic. It can be easily descaled with just a light wipe. It is resistant to high temperature, and is more practical and healthier for life.

    Large top shower, the water-spray easily wraps the whole body, the water droplets are full, Body and mind are instantly pleasant

    Large-scale water-spray, smooth water flow and full water droplets

    FT13575-OBD Thermostatic Shower Set a
    FT13575-OBD Thermostatic Shower Set

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